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Mail & parcel forwarding

Have your own U.S. street address for . . .
Internet & mail order purchases.
items from shippers who only use FedEx, UPS, DHL, LSO etc.
items from shippers who will not ship outside the U.S.
credit card statements. (A U.S. address can make online ordering easier!)
magazine subscriptions.

Personalized service

We provide this custom service to customers all over the world. We keep track of each customer's individual needs and tailor the service to fit. Let us simplify your life too!

We know how it is

Galveston Pack & Ship understands what it is like to organize mail, parcels, purchases, etc., when one does not have a fixed U.S. address. We've made it our job to make it as easy as possible for you.

Where do you want it?

Your shipments can be forwarded anywhere in the world! P.O. Box or street address? We can make it happen. We ship daily via U.S. Mail, FedEx & DHL. Simply tell us where and how to send it, and that is what we will do!

Don't want to pay to forward junk mail?

Tell us, and we'll stop it!

International: we can make certain there is an invoice for Customs -- before the package ships in your direction!

If you wish, we can inspect boxes for the presence of invoices. If the invoice is missing, we can hold the package and contact you to arrange for an invoice to be included before it ships from here.

Ready to get started? E-mail us!

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